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My Octo managed to sever an arm


Pygmy Octopus
Jan 21, 2008
and its now hanging by a thread...

What do i do???

and how could this have happened?

Hooked himself on a rock?

its almost the whole arm.

He looks like he's dying and to be honest I'm very sad.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.:sad:
Here are some pictures. :frown:


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Unfortunately I see the curlycue look to his leg tips which is almost always not a good sign. Is there anything he could have gotten caught in? Any large crabs?

How long have you had him?
How big is that red plastic cup next to him in that other picture? If it's as large as I think it is, you got an old octopus. Possibly at the end of its life. Take care of it and it might recover. They can regrow legs. But, be prepared for the worst. Something most of us have dealt with is getting a new octopus that doesn't stick around long.
its a red solo cup he's big real big. I got him from Tom's so he wasn't captive bread and could very well be a much older octopus.

The only thing I could fathom is that he managed to get a leg stuck between to rocks and tried to move away to fast.

He was fine before I went to bed and by 3(I was thirsty and couldn't sleep) he was at the bottom and without a leg. No large crab. He was the only thing in there.

I just looked at him I think he's dead. :frown:

Edit: He's dead.

Rest in peace Octopus Prime.

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