My octo lair!!


O. vulgaris
Jun 12, 2004
Hi everybody!

I have been very inspired by all the success stories (and pictures!) on this board, and finally broke down and decided that I DEFINITELY wanted to get an octo!!! I have finally gotten a 29g all set up and ready the way I want it, and I am just waiting for it to cycle and then I am all set.

The tank specs so far are a regular 29g tank, a little under 20lbs of live sand, 20lbs of Marshall Island LR in 2 pieces (not glued, but they are each almost exactly 10lbs and I think they should be pretty secure. Please correct me if I am wrong), and a hang on the back filter. I am going to be putting a powerhead in the tank for the guy to play with and to promote some circulation, but haven't figure out which one I am going to put in yet... as for a protein skimmer, I am holding off on that as an upgrade for now. When I get one I plan on getting one of the prizm hang on tank ones. I am also planning to put some 'puka shells' in this tank.

As far as stocking I am planning on putting some hermits and some snails in, and also I think a fighting conch or a cowrie. I am going to keep it bare as I am in the process of starting up a 60g as well, so I think I will stock that first until I get a feel for how destructive/hungry my little octo will be :wink: It is easier to justify spending a bunch of cash on inverts that aren't likely to get chomped on

Enough talking, here are the pictures!!

29g front view --


29g top view --


29g with 10g refugium for feeders (and quarantine for my 60g) --


Note that I do have a very tight fitting hood for my 29g, but I just left it off for these pictures. Sorry about the large image size for any of you on dialup :cyclops:

Hi rcl,

Don't know how this slipped through the crack, but it looks like none of us replied. You tank looks good - the only problem is that it's a bit small, since we're recommending a 50 gallon. If you should have a bigger bimac and need a bigger tank, it iwll take 3 months for a new tank to cycle, a long time.

Would avoid the conch and other fancy tankmates and stick with what is edible. Snails, shrimp, small brittlestars all would make good tankmates.

I had actually forgotten I posted this, so my feelings aren't as hurt as they might have been with no replies! :smile: Here it is about a month later and this tank has undergone a lot of changes and maturing. After I throw the backing on this tank and duct tape up the little cracks it should be all ready... and when it is I am going to take a lot of pictures and post a tank profile on here!

As for the tank size requirements, I'm going to feed the guy modestly and hope for the best. I would have gotten a larger tank but space simply doesn't permit :frown:

Just one thing - feed him well when he's little - you need to build up his strength. We get our bimacs so young now, we have to treat them a little differently.

You got a few nice lil caves there, but you should probly throw some plastic pipes in there and such, to give you octo a little more to hide in.

If you are starting with a baby, he will want much tighter caves.

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