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My new cuttle / How to keep them sane


Jun 7, 2004
Hi all,

Here another quick pic of scuttle from this morning:


Quick question about play - what can you do to keep the cuttle interested? You know, like giving an octo a bottle with a prawn in - that type of thing.

Live food is a pretty good source of enrichment with all cephs so thats always a start!

I've never done a lot with cuttle enrichment so can't really answer that one, maybe try the work with getting them to make a cross on their backs before they receive food or something???

Nice looking animal though Mickey, doubt i'll be up your way after all but i'll be back to the motherland of the solway soon enough!
Like octo's they can play tug of war once they get used to you and the stick. I took a end of an aquarium scraper and placed it at the cuttles tentacles, he then grabbed it and we started tugging.....

Just be careful, sometimes, after releasing the stick, they might knock into your glass or rock.

Btw, how big is the cuttle? Officinalis?
Hi Mikey

this is really a gorgeous cuttle :biggrin2:
I would like to know how big your tank is. I am studying marine biology and currently working with cuttles. The idea of having a cuttle at home too becomes more and more attractive to me. They are so amazing.

Nice pic :smile:
Try and include some mental stimula involved with feeding, like the idea of patterned symbols for food. I seen than on Animal Planet a whileback :smile: How large is you're tank by the way?
Robbie :smile:
joel_ang said:
Btw Colin, why did you stop keeping them at home?

Just simply dont have the time or space Joel and I said that next time i have cuttles it will be in a tank big enough for them, i still say that the 200 was too small for more than one... next time I'll be using big plastic/fiberglass 500 - 1000gal tanks and aiming to breed them.

Same sort of thing applies to the octopuses as well...

Dont worry though, the newts, fish and wee baby keep me busy! :heee:
You can find them at most landscape shops, they sell large fibreglass tanks. Note that these are not transparent so you can only view your pals from the top.
or if u have the cash a custom made tank might be an option - for me i would need to be able to see the cuttles better so i wouldnt opt for an opaque tank

plus mum wouldnt forgive me

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