My last Non-cepholopod thread


Blue Ring
Nov 2, 2007
Hey Folks, I appologize for getting off track. I was just in the mind-frame of fossils, and I do have quite alot of different fossils and just kept posting without thinking. My favorite fossils for quite some time were the crabs and lobsters. I would like to say that these crabs and lobsters were attacked and killed by the fossil squids to keep it the frame of cepholopods, but that would be a bit much! I will post these photos, but from here on out, I will keep my post to the squids. Please accept my apollogies, and my spelling too? Being that Ive moved here to Montana just over a year ago, I am starting to find some really nice ammonoid sites and already have 3 trips planned for next year. Also, I will show some before and after pics once I get to prepping them. I really am falling in love with the ammos. They seem almost sexy compared to most other fossils!!! Just such beauty in them!!!



Thanks Architoothy dude. I would love to show lots more fossils, and I do have lots and lots, even lots of the lesser fossils too, but I realize that I was going a bit off the road. even Monty was saying such. Im just a fossil nut who has tons of fossils and wanted to show off a bit. Sorry about that. But never fear, ammo dude is near! Ha!! im funny sometimes too? I will have lots of ammo photos in the near future. I have to say, I feel very welcome at this site. I appreciat all the attention. thanks everybody.
Fantastic crustaceans!. I also particularly like the lobster. Nice that they are in concretions - most of what I get is from nodules aswell be it ammonites or carboniferous stuff. Are those from the Pacific northwest? I think I've seen your finds before on the Collecting fossils in California forum.

Hi Andy. Thanks for the compliments. And yes, I used to be a very prolific poster on the California fossil forum. The two crabs are from the west coast, one from Oregon and the darker colored one from Washington, but the lobster is from the Pierre Shale in Montana.
If we EVER do another rock fireplace, I am going to have to find stuff like this! I never knew they could look that good. Neal says the reason you don't see them in walls and fireplaces is that you can't take them with you when you move :wink:

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