My First Octopus


O. vulgaris
Jul 29, 2009
I have received my new octopus. I was told it is a Briareus, but have not confirmed that yet. I started acclimation at 8:40am this morning. I took a few pictures, but I am trying to keep the octopus comfortable so I have all the lights off in the house. I used a flashlight app on my droid x to get some light.


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Ok I made the decision since the ammonia level was high to end the acclimation process at two hours. Here is a photo of him/her in the aquarium. Anyone that can identify what type of octopus I have I would appreciate it.


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During acclimation I did see some purple coloration around the suckers. So he/she looks healthy! I'm a nervous wreck right now. It had a pale blue coloration during acclimation when it wasn't changing to a darker brown and squirting me. I tried to be as non invasive as possible but it appears that I caused a reaction a few times.
I'm gonna have to say no on Briareus my next best guess would be hummelincki or vulgaris, as these are the two spcies in FL that display the purple suckers. or Briareus they are white.
The sucker themselves or the the area around the suckers? I'm not sure either at the moment. I can't get a good look to see the webbing. If its a hummelincki a mantle size of 2.5 inches would make it almost full grown wouldn't it? If it is a Vulgaris I'm at a loss.
If its hummelincki then it is full grown or close to it. If it is vulgaris then it has a long way to go. The briareus has a completely white underside, where as the Vulg and Hummel you will see it mostly white but with purple trim. LOL, that is the best i can describe it.

Also the briareus has long arms compared to the Hummel and Vulgaris.

How long are the arms on your guy.
Here is another pic Capt he/she appears to have found a meal! :sagrin: I'm not sure about arm length yet I have yet to see him/her all spread out.


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Hi, Great new Octopus! I just got a baby Briareus myself this week. Check out my journal for a few pictures and a video to see if your little guy matched up. At first glance, yours looks way different than mine, so I would think the odds of us both having a O.Briareus is unlikely.

Merkury - O.briareus
I agree. My octo doesn't look like a briareus. There is webbing but not as extensive as you would see on a briareus. I tried to find photos of baby vulgaris and hummelincki's but my octo doesn't look like them either. Hopefully some expert will come on and clarify for us.

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