My daughter caught a bimac while diving...

Oct 31, 2003
We (she and I ) were diving out off Santa Barbara island, we found at least 20 octo dens on this dive, we managed to coax out several octos with snails and crabs we collected, this one came right out and crawled all over us (even tried to steal my reg!) We had several kids on the boat so we decided to take this one up to the boat with us to show everyone. It was pretty neat to see the kids interact with it, we played with it for 20 or so minutes before I swam back down and let it go.. here are a couple pics..enjoy!
Sitting in 90 deg weather and noting the dive attire, I am glad I am on the East coast and a simple wet skin is all that I need to use to snorkel or dive! I never have had this pleasure though!

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