My Cuttle


Oct 20, 2004
Day 1: Received the new cuttle - he (she)'s a Sepia O. about 3 inches in length. Got it from

Only inked 6 times during acklimation (anytime I got near the bag). Good news: the ink is not as 'fluid' as i thought - it's actually heavy enough to be skimmed right out of the tank with a fine-weave fish net.

He's already eaten with a few hours of arrival (good sign) and has managed to evade me after he dropped to the tank floor and blended seemlessly with the sandbed.

I'm kind of nervious - as I performed a 30% water change last night to prepare for the new arrival and the Ammonia levels shot up to .5 ppm. Not to menition my phosphate levels are very high.
Hmmm... not too sure about the water parameters, if you sort it out quickly your cuttle should be fine.

Im amazed it ate so quickly! good sign! :smile:

Either that or your cuttle is a gutz. :lol:

Good luck! and be sure to post pictures of your tank if you havent already.
Congrats on the cuttle...and a lesson for all of water changes right before acclimation !!! Glad to hear he is doing well...fantastic!
Well played! If I had a cuttle and it inked the tank I would have done somthing stupid like put cofee filters in the filter! Like I did that one time when my octo inked the tank.... lol :roll:
pics pics pics

First 2 day pics of the new cuttle. It's a camera-phone so appoligize for the fact that they kind of suck.

Playing by the bubbly protien skimmer:

Immitating a nudibranch:

Inspecting the new home:
Getting curious (and less skiddish)

I've noticed my new cuttle becoming a little less skiddish on day 3. He wont immediatly skatter to behind a rock when i enter the room. I can hold my finger up to the front of the tank and he'll inch up toward it then jet back when he gets close - then inch up toward it again.. etc...etc.

Also note: Starfish make great roommates. I added 2 brittle stars. One of them is lazy and useless. The other is my cleanup crew - he knows when the cuttle is getting fed, scurried over to the cuttle's spot in the tank and patiently waits for fish heads and other crumbs to be dropped by the cuttle, quickly cleaning up the mess for me.
Master of disguise

He's become quite the little ninja - blending seemlessly with his environment. I just found him in the tank after much searching. He's managed to completely copy the sand floor color, patter and texture. He's even immited the random black pebbles with 2 black dots on his back. If it weren't for his eyes, I'd never have found him. He's got skillz.

Oh BTW - after noticing him 'challenging' his reflection on several occasions, I've decided it's a 'He' being all territorial and all.
Wow, now i cant wait even more to get my cuttles

my LFS has agreed to get some in for me!!!! yay

they are even guaranteeing they will provide one of the 4 suitable local species i have listed !!! YAY again even more so!

I cant wait! They had a cuttle in last week the guy there told me but i missed it!!!!!! It might have been a latimanus which grow to 60cm ML though!

they aregetting me them for only 15 aussie dollars per cuttle!!!
Great to hear your searching has paid off oscar! Let us know how everything goes.

Know what you mean mwexler, I've had some trouble finding mine when he was right in front of my nose!

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