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My cuttle was attacked!

Cuttle King

Dec 28, 2007
Does anyone know if cuttlefish regenerate their tentacles? My cuttle was stung by an aptasian and is suffering from severe skin burn or something on his tentacles.
Has anyone dealt with this type of problem before? I have now separated him from my main tank and would really like to know if he will have more of a chance now to survive.
He's about 2 1/2- 3" long right now.
I doubt it was the aptasia, I have had them in with cuttles before and no problem. There are several other types of injuries that could be what you are talking about - specifically, 'arm rum' where the top layers of skin on the upper arms is rubbed away from friction against the glass or overflow in the tank. I see it from time to time in cuttles your size. In fact, 2 of mine have it right now, as well as one at Daniel's. I have not see the tissue regenerate, and it doesn't seem to effect the cuttle.

I will try to post a pic today. If you had a pic that would be great too.

Unless of course, you actually say the aptasia sting the cuttle. :biggrin2:
The cuttle is in a 65 gallon tank, by himself, so I doubt it is too small of a tank. We have never seen him rub himself on the glass either, so that is an unlikely scenario. He does seem to be regenerating them, and has begun to hunt normally once more (before he was hunting, but was having difficulties catching the prey. He also kept continuously rubbing the injuries with his other tentacles, and has stopped doing so!). The thread posted above looks similar to my cuttle's injuries - I will try to post some more video and pictures soon, but due to a death in the family I have been somewhat distracted from the Tonmo forums - will be around again soon! Thank you for your patience :smile:

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