My cat's having kittens!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Have spent the last 1/2 hour watching my cat give birth with my daughtor! Not ceph related but fascinating just the same!!!

So far we're up to 2!!! This was Kitten 1!!

Carol :)
Aaahh....that's really cute.

Why not give the kittens ceph related names? That'll really confuse the neighbours when you call for them late at night!

Good luck with the little beasts!
Hi!!! I have 5 kittens!!! Mom and babies are doing great!!

Any suggestions for names?

My neighbors already think I'm crazy!!!! Some how :bugout: , I have a rep in town for being an animal savior!!! All sorts of creatures show up at my house!

Anyway here's another shot of the proud Mom!

hehehe cool pics :)

must be the season for kittens and puppies :) My pup is 10 weeks old now
Congratulations to Fuzz. She must be exhausted.

(I would've made all these comments in one post, but someone's put the whammy on my posting console.)

Congratulations for the arrival of the kittens - a toast to new furballs!

I'm impressed that Fuzz is unconcerned with humans handling her newborns. Our cat was less trusting.

I am not convinced that this is un-cephalopod related. Look at the kitten in the human hand. There are razor-sharp, lethal hooks visible on the ends of those splayed toes!

I have rescinded the whammy on your posting console (and everyone else's)... Little configuration mistake on my part. Sorry! :police:

Welcome to all 5 kittens!
Thanks everyone!!!!

Quite an experience!!! Even had to cut acouple cords!!! She got tired towards the end.

Poor Ink took the back stage the last 24, but got me back with the crab today!

Ya know never thought about those razor-sharp, lethal hooks!!!!! Maybe ceph related!!!! :mrgreen:

Fuzz has been so tolerant through all this! Quess we're really lucky! She does get a little wary when people outside of our family came by to see her babies!

Heres 2 more shots!

STEVE'S having kittens!!

Seems to be a kitten inundation... Steve, who professes to have no interest in 'vertebrate filth' nonetheless has three cats already and looks to be adopting a fourth... he found her (we know she's female, see attached) on the road and hasn't been able to find the owners yet. Not that he's trying very hard. ;)
She's got two different colored eyes and I reckon she should be called David Bowie...
Nice shot of the biologist at work. :shock: Now would someone please explain to me why it is that I've just been listening to Bowie today, reading a Bowie article, and now taking part in an odd conversation regarding Bowie-esque cats--with slightly addled biologists and ceph phreaks on a cephalopod website? Bowie would relish the absurdity of it all. :jester:

As for a name for about "Lady Stardust?"


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