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Moved Zim Yesterday


Jul 27, 2004
My pump died on my 75 and forced me to move Zim a week earlier than I had planned.
Used a plastic Ziploc bag and had mywife shoo him into it while I held it.
Picked him up right out of the tank and carried him downstairs to his new 150 Gal home. He didn't ink or become scared at all.
I have been transfering 2 gallons of water a day between the tanks for the last several weeks so their parameters were as close as I could get them. He ate some fiddlers I threw in with him and last night ate a frozen tiger shrimp I gave him.
He is sharing his new home with 2 peppermint shrimp i was hopeing to breed for food stuffs for baby cuttles (more on that later)
He does not seem intersested in eating them.
Good News hes doing fine.
Bad News
Hes growing a cataract in his other eye now.
I anticipate he will not last the next 2 months.
I am glad he got to spend some time in his new home.
I dont think he likes the sand though not aged enough for him.
Glad the transfer went so well.

The one thing that we've seen in both octos and cuttles when they get older is eye problems. I know of only one case of total blindness, mostly it's just reduced vision. It's always sad to see, but our cephs manage even with eye problems.


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