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Indiana OCHO

Blue Ring
Oct 12, 2006
You won't believe what I saw today...

First a bit of background. I had eight babies and some were in the tank loose and some were in containers. Well two of the ones in the containers died, so I decided to move two survivors into the bowl that is holding the pods and mysids in case they needed more to eat. Well minutes after putting them in there one of the mysid shrimp attacked one of the octo babies!! Has anyone else ever seen that happen? Do you think that could be what killed the two that died? Should I remove the mysids?

As this is uncharted territory for me, I welcome your input and advice.
Well mysids are cannabalistic so maybe they are opportunistic too - I would remove the mysids. Remember that only a handful of the babies are destined to survive anyway, even under the best of circumstances.
Thanks Cuttlegirl,

I just feel so honored to have this opportunity that I want to be sure I do everything I can to help them survive. It would be horrible if my steak dinner tried to eat me one night.
Steve has had this problem with mysids in the past - apparently there are two fairly similar kinds of mysid, one with a long pointy rostrum and a tendency to spike baby squid on it!
I know shrimp of almost any sort will attack and eat seahorse fry. I put a couple of new born pipe fry in a tank that I had forgotten contained a couple grass shrimp and found the shrimp will consume those very rapidly as well.

You don't need to fear your steak though. Neal has mulled this over in the past and realized that virtually all meat humans normally eat (raised for food) come from vegatarian animals. Only fish are carniverous so you can fear your lobster dinner but not the steak, chicken or pork.

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