Momma to be........

Yes, they normally arrive in peoples tank with the initial batch of live rock, they can survive a break in period with unseeded live rock!
Coming up on 1 month and here is what they look like....
Here is another pic,you might be able to see a little better.......
If i could only get a pic of what i see.I can see the little legs perfect.The one you see in this pic is movin around a little in the egg.......
Did we ever determine what species Squishie is? Oops, just looked at your past posts and you said she was a briareus.

I put briareus hatchlings in a mature tank and one did grow up to the age of over four months. It was just eating amphipods and other things in the tank, and eventually hermit crabs and small snails. If there you have friends that have a safe tank for hatchlings, you might want to be ready to offer them some. As soon as they hatch, the little ones will hide in your tank.

They are bein split up between 5 different tanks.I am,I should say we are goin to give our best shot.They are really developed now.I can see the entire body and I have been watching them all day and this morning one started to move around and tonight most of them are movin around.they look like they are jumping up and down in the eggs.Hope it is not to much longer......Here is pic from earlier today.......


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I am so exciting

Octo: Good goodness my graacious when will this day be done. Will have more daughters or or will I have more sons?

Sharkbait: Congratulations! It's a egg...
That last pic is excellent! How can you contain yourself???? I would be jumping out of my skin waiting for the first to emerge!! Lots of good luck!!!

My kids and I go down about every 30 minutes or so to see if any hatched yet.My wife just sits and laughs at us every time we get up.I estimate about half of them have flipped in the eggs.Does anyone know about how long it could be after they have flipped?

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