Molluscs are cool, but Cephalopods rule!


Blue Ring
Mar 1, 2005
Hey there folks... My name is Paul, I'm a 29yr old guy living in Northern Virginia.. I love to learn, am a big biology fan.. recently (last year) got into researching Cephs. Haven't yet had a tank at all, but with time (and money).. I'm sure I'll have a nice reef tank (w/cuttles!) (And of course I do want to get into scuba as well :smile: for now, I'm happy with researching.
Very interested in the neurological side of cephs, fascinated with learning more regarding their behavior, intelligence and adaptation abilities.
I think this site is fantastic, what a great resource for folks like myself, eager to learn more. thanks to you all for your support!
I'll post eventually the links found in my research, I've yet to really check into resources I have locally (other than libraries).. thinking specifically about the National Aquarium in DC, the Baltimore Aquarium and the Smithsonian and National Zoo..
Anyway.. thanks again to all.. happy surfing (and please keep those pictures/videos coming!. there are a lot of us unable to keep a tank, I really appreciate those who do sharing their passions!
ancora imparo,
-Paul :wink:

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