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May 30, 2000
Ok, it's official, the family and I are going to the Baltimore Aquarium June 26-June 27th. We'll definitely be there, and hope to see many other TONMO'ers there as well!

So far, it sounds like Carol and WhiteKiboko are quite probable if not definite.

I suppose festivities may depend on the turnout, but so far I figure we can spend Sat. afternoon at the aquarium, maybe go back to our rooms real quick and then meet up for dinner and a few drinks or something.

This ain't no official TONMO Convention, Melissa's got that one in control, and is coordinating that with Dr. O'Shea and some aquariums. That one should be an international event, and probably won't be happening until sometime later... as Greg says, you'll be there, or you'll be square.

For this one, if you're within striking distance of Baltimore, you really oughtta come, cause we'll definitely be looking forward to seeing you. If you're from far away, you might want to think about coming anyway... The party is what we make of it!
I shall ask my better half, and see what voodoo we can do!
If we miss it, please take lots of pics!
Well, I do think there should eventually be a TONMOcon down under... :|

Melissa's in charge of the first "official" TONMOcon event (and the rest thereafter if she's game for it...)

If you can't make it to Baltimore for this TONMO gathering, no worries, I'm sure there will be pictures aplenty... hopefully sans mugshots...
Drat, I'll be on the wrong tectonic plate for this gathering! Down under would be more feasible in June. We may have to set one up for ourselves, Jean.

Post the photos so everyone will be excited for the next party!

sorry to post late, but I frankly can't make it on that date, my summer course starts right on those dates. Possinly the 9th or 10th might be a great time for me as I can schedule a break for those times, hrm, will see what I can do but as of this moment Im pretty square. :cry:
Im sure to make it to TONMOCON I though, I might have to miss out on the mini tonmocon, but no worries, enjoy yoursleves, those fo you which are sure to go, don't get dissapointed on me not going guys, sorry tony and mel', Ill be sure to make the "real one." :smile:

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