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Mimic on Ebay!

I agree completely, from all I read on here I dont think something like that should even be allowed to be sold on ebay. If not for anything else then at least the lack of knowledge people have who might buy it.
marinebio_guy;102660 said:
This is sad. For one thing it is not a mimic it's a wonderpus. Plus I'd hate to see anyone pay $300 and then have the animal die a few months later if they are lucky.

How do you tell the difference between the two? I never really knew the difference (or researched it, really).
Huh? no I didnt start this for that reason, I just wanted to bring light to this because of everything I have read on this site has pointed out how difficult it is to raise one of these and should not be taken lightly.
bluezombie;102715 said:
It looked so cool :0

They look cool but little is known about them. That is little is known about them AT ALL, not just captive care, which even less is known about. Numbers are not certain and they aren't seen often, even in the wild, so collection at this point is not really something to condone. Maybe in 3, 5, or 10 years when we know more about them they will be able to be kept in captivity without people getting bashed or possibly destroying a struggling species.
Thanks for the heads-up on this, Bigpapa. Looks like your keen eyes and cuttlegirl's advice got this taken off the site.
Thanks but I think I actually failed on this one. This had a "buy it now" on it and since I can still look it up but have it say the auction has ended means to me that someone may have bought it. For example, if it would have been removed by ebay then you would get a response from the link like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Live-Saltwater-O...QQcmdZViewItem Believe me, I hope I am wrong but I just have a sneaking suspision that someone bought it. :frown:

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