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Mimic Octopus at local store


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 3, 2004
Just thought I would let everyone in the Tampa Bay area know that my local pet store, about 3 blocks from me, has just gotten in a Mimic Octopus. If you would like to see it you can go to Petmart (not Petsmart) in the Bay Pines Plaza. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen and I've been keeping saltwater creatures for over 30 years now. Would seriously consider it if the life span wasn't so short but $400 for something that might not make it for over a couple of weeks is kinda steep.

Anyway its a rare chance to see something very rarely seen in captivity.

WTF!?!? #$&#!

GAG! :yuck: That is the biggst load of bull @$#! I have ever heard! 400 $ For a octerpus. Holly friggin crap! :bugout: Just go catch ur own! Where do u think they got theirs! Sheesh! I jus caught my own today! Aquarists these day.... Pffff!
Nick, your reply makes you sound like a moron. You obviously don't have a clue as to what a Mimic Octopus is and you certainly didn't go out and catch one today. You don't just go out and catch a Mimic. They are so rare that only a couple are caught a year. They are hardly ever even seen let alone caught. They are so rare that they don't even have a scientific name assigned to them yet. Do a Google search on Mimic Octopus and learn Nick before you post stuff you know nothing about. I personally am amazed that it is only $400 considering the rarety of it.

Hi Kirk

yes, it seems to be the zebra/mimic/wonderpus season again! A local wholesaler to me was offered 3 from Bali just this week and asked me about them. He is not going to ship them in...

I do wonder about their prices as these ones were offered at £20 - £30 trade...

I agree, what a waste of lives and money!

You could maybe even asume that they are easier to catch at this time of year as they are guarding eggs?! Perhaps they are being caught before the eggs have hatched? Either way, we shouldnt encourage their sale/capture.

thanks for posting Kirk
Yeah, it seems they are banking on the "different" thing to make the extra dollars...the wholesale price in california is 75.00...neat animals...one could argue that if no one keeps them, we'll never know more about them, though. (its a thin argument though, isn't it) I wonder if the guys at octopets will get any?
Kirk is a moron Kirk is a moron! Te he he he....

1: I said that I caught my own octo as a generlization (I caught a day octo)
2: So they can be caught
3: 400 #$&@! DOLLARS?!?!?!?
Why are you so suprised? I regularily see animals for sale in the 10,000- 30,000 dollar range...and some of them are fish.
Dragon Arowana? 28,000.00 USD.

:shock: HOOOOOOLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY #$&!!*#*%$ #!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!!!!!!!?!?!????!!?!? :bonk: :bugout: :lol: :jester: :roflmao:
Well, have you ever seen a live one? It might change your mind...a lot of effort goes into procuring some of these animals ( I am reminded of the trips taken to hunt for cockatoo cichlids...malaria, unfriendly tribesmen, local militia, etc)...hence the cost factor.
Or breeding: it takes almost 7 years to raise a dragon arowana, then trying to find the right mate (picky fish, they are), then managing to breed them, and raise the juveniles...lots of cash laid out in just speculation...plus all of the permits, since they are endangered.
Colin, thanks for your post. I too wonder about those prices. Everything I have found in doing internet searchs for mimic's says that Zebra's and wonderpus are often confused for Mimic's. Zebra's are not that rare and Wonderpus seem to be more common as well. I just saw a national geographic show on the Mimic a month ago that said they were very, very rare as does all the search's I have done. I could be wrong but that is just what I have seen and read. Also I was unable to find any sites on the internet selling Mimic's.

The Mimic at the local store has legs that are about 3 times the length of a normal octopus and the legs look like the Leafy Sea Dragon legs. I too don't think $400 for something so rare is all that much as I have seen small sharks selling for that amount. The problem I have is with the life span being so short. And as someone else said many fish sell for much much more. When I first started in this hobby you couldn't buy a Long Nose Hawk Fish for under $150. Now you can get one for $30. Also the Tinkers Butterfly fish which is my favorite fish is $300 if you can find one. I have only seen 2 for sale in my 30 sum years of doing this. Nick may have seen Tinkers for less since they come from very deep waters in Hawaii but they are almost impossible to find in shops around here.

If you want to talk about expensive fish then look at the prices on Koi. I have a pond and have kept Koi for 10 years or more and still can't see the differance in a $200 Koi and a $20,000 one. I have seen Koi sell for as much as $250,000. Of course you can keep a Koi all of your life and actuallly pass it on to the next generation as they do in Japan but that is still a lot for a fish of any kind.

Asian arowana in the US? isn't that illegal? Anyway the arowana mature at different ages depending on the colour. Anywhere from 3-7 years. But they can live to 50yrs so its not that bad. The Red and gold ones fetch a high price because the chinese believe red sybolizes luck and the japanese believe gold symbolizes...well gold and wealth.

A baby 2 inch red arowana which is barely able to swim can fetch around $200, while it costs more for a gold one. Sorry for going off-topic, just wanted to say cuz i visited 2 arowana farms last year.

Mimics are really sought after by people who keep exotic animals. After seeing many of their behaviours in the wild (on tv), many people are tempted keep one of these as well as flamboyant cuttles. They are also extremely hard to find as they come from murky waters in indonesia. So it comes as no suprise why they're priced so high.
The mimic costing hundreds of dollars if ever sold doesn't suprise me. A live mimic in the US for sale in a LFS DOES suprise me. There was a new special on them on the science channel called "The Mimic Octopus: Incredible Imposters" that demonstrates just how rare and hard-to-find they are. It was a 2-3 week expedition searching for it(the mimic), and on the 3rd-to-last day, they finally find one after asking the natives of the area. You do see some neat footage though. Suprisingly, you actually see almost ten minutes or so of "mimic footage". Personally, I think I'll see when it's on again...
Cephkid, now you have got me wondering if what they have is really a Mimic. All the research I've done says how rare they are and I only saw a small portion of the Mimic show on the Science channal. Just the part where they had actually found one. I am thinking that this could be a wunderpus instead. It came from a large wholesaler in Tampa called Seagrest Farms. Web site is www.seagrestfarms.com. Most all saltwater stores in the Tampa/St.Pete area buy from them. They are huge and do get in a lot of rare stuff but I wonder if they are correct in calling this a Mimic. They said that they only get around 2 per year so it sounded possible. Having not any experience actually seeing one other then briefly on tv and some crappy photos on the net it is hard to compare and tell. I will go down today and see if they have it in a tank that you can see it better in now as they were setting up a special tank just for it. It was in a plastic container in a poorly lit tank when I saw it. I have searched the net and not been able to find any for sale.


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