MEGA Squid on "The Future is Wild"

The TV program says something like, "The Megasquid weighs 16 tons, crushing its way through the Pacific Northwest forests. Without bones, it supports its weight on rings of muscle"

Then it gets more comical, as it accidentally eats a "Slithersucker" and sneezes it all around the forest. Made me giggle actually. I've been a little disappointed with this series, and its "experts". A carnivorous plant supposedly evolved from a Venus Flytrap, but the plant they show is NOT A VENUS FLYTRAP but a Sundew. That's not very scientific, is it? A number of the creatures are just not thought through well enough, as in could an animal like that actually survive.

I think it's Animal Planet, not Discovery Channel. I remember Dougal Dixon's book a long time ago "After Man". Some good speculative concepts in there, like Elephantine Antelope and things like that.

Land cephs is not SO impossible it it? There's that Australian octopus that crawls in tidal pools and OUT of the water from time to time, and other mollusks like snails evolved to go on land. What would be necessary would be a massive land animal extinction to open up the possibility.

Doncha think? :wink:
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