Meet Mr. Octopus

LUCKY!!! i want an octopus, but also i want a cuttlefish, but i also want a squid, but i also want an octpus, but i also want a cuttlefish, but i also want an octopus, but i also want a... well you get the point. i cant wait to get my octopus, or cuttlefish, or squid.
Bob the kracken;92684 said:
where would you even GET a squid:hmm:

Some people make friends with local fishers or go out themselves, But I REALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND SQUID !!!!!!!! They aare seriously difficult to keep, they need HUGE circular tanks (often many 1000's of litres) and they eat much more than a similar sized octopus, to my knowledge no-one has yet managed to wean a squid onto dead food (although I could be wrong). I know Loliginids are kept in Galveston at the biomedical institute, but they have really big tanks (fright Fluffysquid?) and Steve has of course kept squid, but his tales on the work needed to keep them are just exhausting!

Some new photos

Mr. Octopus spends much--perhaps most--of his time outside of his den hunting, exploring or killing time. He'll get up before I do, even if I have to be out the door by six; he's also up long after his light goes off and I go to bed. He does seem to rest in his den at mid-day or so before his light comes on around 2 or 3.

He's a very active octopus, and I believe he feels very safe in the aquarium and does not view me as a threat in any way, even when I've got my fingers in the tank harassing him. He doesn't seem to be particularly fond of being pet between the eyes, but he doesn't seem terribly put off by it, either. He'll sit at the top of the tank with his arms wrapped around the trim and we'll play a game where I try to pet him there repeatedly and he'll use different arms to try and block me.

He also has no fear of leaving the water. I question the idea that bimacs are less apt to escape: if I open the lid, he'll usually come over immediately and will emerge completely. I will usually let him do this supervised. First he would just come up and sit on the trim for a few seconds and go back in, but he has become more adventuresome. At first he lacked an appreciation for gravity and when he tried venturing further over the trim took a fall to the floor. I scooped him up and returned him to the tank immediately. He has a bit skittish for a minute or two but soon recovered. Now he's a little more careful and will climb over the trim and down the outside glass. He'll stay out for a minute or so and then climb back up, over and in the water.



My goodness! That is pretty amazing. Do you have any pics of his exploring outside? I'm glad to hear he wasn't hurt in his fall. He's really beautiful!
Ever wonder what their thoughts are as we're chasing their every move around with the camera? At one point Mr. Octopus looked like he was thinking, "Let's see if he follows me over here....How bout here.....) Personally...I think they are training us and just letting us think we are training them....
humm, I certainly tried to use the window slider up to follow Mr. Octopus up the glass so I can imagine trying to film the behavior would start one thinking this way.
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