Meawad Pics


Jul 27, 2004

best i can do

a nice shot of Meatwad playing around after i gave him a crab
and another shot of him playing in my overflow box DESPITE mesh screens
Shot of him in the castle which he has finnaly gone to as his Den.
Took me 2 hours of messing around to get him out of the overflow
finnal soloution was top shut off the water
O2 greater than fear of strange bubble noises and guy staring thought the glass.
only when he wants something.
he is not shy about things when he hungry
I gave him a shrimp last night as a reward for getting out of the overflow and he ate about 1/4 of it (its a 3 inch long shrimp) and so i probably wont see him today or tonight but tommorw there will be a few hermits missing and then the next day he will be begging again :)

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