MEGAS update


Jul 27, 2004
He hates my kids.
I think they move to fast for him. he refuses to show himself until they are asleep.
Megas found a depression in the top of one my rocks and procceded to dig himself a cave on TOP of the rock. i have never read about this before but i can see the advantages. he sits unmoving with just his eyes showing . there is not even the hint of cave since his eyes mesh with the surroding rock and he looks just like it.
so the kids are away at Grandmas house and he comes out to play.
i have a Domino Damsel fish in the tank that i could not catch. Megas is SOOO done with the Dominos attitude. This became apperent when the Domino backed up agaist Megas and flipped his tail at him. Megas took off after the Domino and chased him through the castle around the rocks past the castle on the outside and to overflow box. they were MOVING. i did not expect an Octopus to move that like with tentacles flat out behind him and using the his arms to guide himself around obstacles.

that being done and dominace reasblished the hunt began.
Megas likes to approach a rock and then cover as much as possible with his body and stick his amros through all the holes to scare things into his mouth. seeing that he was hunting and being determined to make Megas like me i broke out some Ghost Shrimp.
I took one and making sure that he could see me i dropped the ghost shrimp near him. then took my hand out.
Mega looked at me for a min then turned his attention to the Shrimp. He then did his best "IM NOT AN OCTOPUS" moves. turned himslef inside out and started to twitch like he was haveing a seizure. i was worried for a second until i saw that he was inching toward teh shrimp with every twitch. until BAM he snatched him up. Megas is a creature of habit and does the same thing every time he eats. HE goes to a place where 3 rocks meet and sits in the middle there with eyes up. He turns a very specific shade of tan and brown and eats.
haveing discarded the used shrimp and went to establish his dominace on the Domino again. after a slower chase this time he turn and did somethign unexpected.
he Rushed from the back wall of the tank to the front in full swim mode and bashed right into the glass like he was unaware that is was there.
he then spent several mintues doing what my wife calls makeing a negative
he would be Brown and White then he would FLIP the Color to be White And Brown. he then turned half his body white and half brown.
I have taken all the empty shells in his tank (several from aruba) and made a pile up near the front of the tank. after displaying himself to himself for a bit he went over and hugged the pile as if to say MINE these are MINE i ate them and they are MINE.
what a funny creature he is
he will go sometimes to the very top of the tank and extend his arms out across teh surface of the water only from UNDER the water. he never breaks surface tension and never leaves a ripple.

my wife strartled him last night when she turned on the light he inked at here and ran.

well thats all for now.
the Domino has got to sleep sometime :smile:

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