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Meatwad on the prowl


Jul 27, 2004
He was out and about with ALL my lights on yesterday,.
It was during the 4 hours i have alocated to full coral light intensity.
I looked at the tank and he was crwaling along half way up the back wall
Since my tank is set to be rear hatched I went back and stuck my finger in it like i ussed to do with megas and he attacked me.
Grabed me with 3 fingers and did his level best to pull me and eat me. Having had Megas do this behaviour before i concluded that he was hungry.
So I went and thawed out the only kind of shrimp i had. 3 inch long jumbos. These are HUGE when compared to him.
I waited until he was attacking a rock and then put my hand down to with in about 1 foot of him. he sent and exploritory tentecle my way and cassually felt at the shrimp. BOY did he know what that was
the first tentecle was joined by three other and thats when I notice that Meatwad only has 7 arms. :frown: poor guy.
There was no doubt that he was gonna eat it from there on.
And so I have transitioned Meatwad from a wild no show Octopus to a hand fed household pet :smile: Kinda :smile:
his webbing became very evident when he finnaly figured out that he cant take a 3 inch shrimp into a 1 inch hide out. settled for engulfing it and using 3 tentecles to ward off any agressors.
I turned out the lights and let him enjoy his meal. (the damsels wont even breath at night. Meatwad came within a hair of killing one of them and that was just the attempt I saw)
it keep slipping my mind when im messing with him.
It does not occur to me until after hes settled down that i should have photoed him.
He pounched on a hermit crab last night
hes very funny to watch because hes curious but cautious. When i went in to get the uneaten shrimp out he stuck his eyes all way up out of his hole in the rock to watch me. never saw more than his eyes but they were over an inch off the top of the rock. VERY funny looking.
LOL! That's way too cute. Please take photos of Meatwad. I'm sure the image I have in my head (because of the name) doesn't fit what he looks like.

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