McLovin/ Evelyn


Oct 10, 2007
Ok today i met with Tom and he personally handed me my new octopus. It is a briareus that will be named either McLovin if its a guy or Evelyn if its a girl. It is a little bigger than i expected, with about a 2 inch mantle, hopefully its not too old. It is currently acclimating and i will move it into a critter keeper, inside its new aquarium soon. I will post pictures in a bit.
yea, i loved that movie. Right now it is about to finish acclimating and it has a spikey look with some reddish spots. It looks really interesting.
ok here are some pics.


  • conv_292200.jpg
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so it gets used to me before i let him free. That way it knows i bring the food and it wont hide for a week before deciding im safe. Welcome to TONMO!
A two inch mantle for a briareus is not that old. It's mantle can be almost 5 inches long as an adult.

Congratulations on your new octopus, whatever its name may be!

dwhatley;108910 said:
Monty, your Geek is showing

Although that's certainly not unusual, I can't take geek credit on this; I was really just welcoming and didn't realize the Redoc cryptography tie-in so I think in this case, you've out-geeked me, D! :notworth:
I just noticed that McLovin (im going to call him/her that for now until i am sure of the sex) has a weird brown spot on one of his arms. It seems to bulge out a little bit, but he seems fine other than that, is there anything i should be worried about? I will try to get pictures later.
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