Blue Ring
Jul 31, 2003
Hi all,

I'm baaaackk..

Well some of you may remember my last occy, Spartacus, who unfortunately passed away about 3mnths ago :cry:
I said I would never again get another, but you all said no that I had to!!

well... you were right, a call late afternoon from a diver in Cairns led to a very early morning (1.00am :sleeping: ) trip to the airport in 12 degree C weather i might add, to collect a very cold and frightened octopus.

Same species as Sparticus (cyanea) and maybe a tad smaller that at the time she had died. In keeping with the Gladiator theme, Rick suggested we call it Maximus (lets hope the name doesnt subject it to the same ill fate!!) but I haven't had a chance to try and sex him/her at this stage.

He (for discussions sake) is still in hide mode, and my heart breaks everytime I see him there all scared but I know that it wont be long before he is as confident as Saparti and reaching out tenticles to the glass to touch me! I'll keep you posted and hopefully get some photos so that everyone can see.

Well, congratulations to you and Maximus! :smile: He has a good home now with you.

Hope he gets over being scared and begins to enjoy his new life soon, and then maybe you can get a photo for us.

lol... thanks to all... and yes I hope to get pics VERY soon... I know how much you loved the last lot :biggrin2:

ROFL@ 'spartacus'... lol... sorry mate I had the occy name b4 you joined :biggrin2: but i did see a few posts last time i signed in with your name and for a second I thought my sparti had returned and had hijacked a computer somewhere!! lol.. very confusing :lol:
G'day Jason & Kylie,
no sweat with the moniker mate, I actually carry it in honour of Spartacus
the World's best looking llama ( take a look in Fossils under Sir SOS's OBE MBE DFC challenge) but I'll carry it too for ya wee Ceph pal who's crab hunting somewhere else now, sniff.
Spartacus sounds so much better with a Strine accent & good to see TB the Wonder from Down Under :notworth: score some decent points on Sunday, bonzai ! :thumbsup:

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