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Master Chief is doing well.


Aug 23, 2006
I know that a few of you have wondered where I've been. I just found out that I'm pregnant with our first child and I'm finishing up school. I just had to deal with working in an elections office and finishing up school projects for my marketing classes. Hectic, I tell you.

Now. On to our Octopus!

I will be sending you guys pictures within the next couple of days. We just got a new camera. Looks great and works well with octopus! I'm certain that we got a Bimac beauty. I'm currently thinking of getting him some more rock for Christmas. He loves live rock. He'll climb all over the stuff and do a humorous "hugging" motion and rock back and forth.

He's been eating healthy and he seems to be growing everyday. We feed him shrimp every other day now and 2 live crabs the following day. He's quite spoiled and he knows it. He flashes colors at me and my fiance' when we go by his tank. Although, sometimes, he turns completely black around me! Am I that offensive? I hope not! I move slowly, so I don't know what I do to make him do that lol. I'm starting to feed him by hand so that he gets used to me. My fiance' has been feeding him by hand, so he knows Louis pretty well. You can actually see his eyes turn in Lou's direction when he walks in the room. He'll move his tentacles around in a welcoming motion.

Well, I gotta go turn some assignments in. Good luck with all of your projects! The tank has been updated and it now has a dimmer light attached to the front. (Fiance's idea.) The octopus really enjoys the different light changes. He's more active in the daylight. Has anyone experienced this before? He actually has a sleep pattern like a human. Active in the day and asleep at night.

We've named him Master Chief from Halo. So please put his name in the archive! He would love it!


Please let Master Chef know that he's already in the List of Our Octopuses! Glad to hear he's doing well.

I try to pick up the names and add them to the list as soon as the octos arrive, but sometimes I'm a little late.

That "hugging the rock" motion may be him looking for amphipods and other food in holes in the rock. He may be sticking the tips of his arms in the holes, too. My bimac did this until sadly she ate every last amphipod!


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