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Mantis Shrimp vs. Blue Ring *Incredible Video*

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It wasn't my experiment. And it wasn't intended to be a fair fight, or a fight at all. It was a test for the Stomatopod's resistance to the Blue Rings venom.
Oh, I surely recognize the scientific validity of the experiment, no problem there, it's just that I always root for the ceph. When we're gone I want to see them attain supremacy over this planet. It always should have belonged to them. After all, Cthulhu planted them here.

And, much as I'd like a squilla of my own to pet and cuddle - particularly if it's a really big one - man, they're just nasty critters. Cool-looking, though.
Yeah, I understand. I was rooting fot the octopus also, but he didn't stand a chance. It would be pretty cool to see a fair fight with an octo and a Stomatopod
erich orser;78346 said:
Oh, I surely recognize the scientific validity of the experiment, no problem there.

But there was a size variable introduced. A better design would be to have similar sized animals. From that tape they still don't know if squilla is immune to the toxin because the octopus couldn't get a bite in!

I wonder if the test was repeated with different sized animals and what ethics approval was required. We'd have to jump through hoops to be allowed to do that. BTW our animal protection act would recognise the octopus as an animal but not the squilla :lol:

What would be an even better design would be to simply inject the shrimp with extracted toxin. This would be definitive, and less risky.
Not an example of the best science!

But that wouldn't be as cool as seeing a octo with a 4" mantle against a 4" Stomatopod! That would be so awesome to watch!
Stomatopod's are pretty psycho (and fairly intelligent on their own), a fight between equal sized animals would definitely be a gladiator match, but perhaps still unfair. I figure the mantis shrimp is going to get at least a few blows in before the octo even gets a chance unless the octo uses a sneak attack move. Seems like a smart octopus would just leave Mr. Clobber or Mr. Sharpie be.
Did anybody else here see Mike De Gruy's special" Incredible Suckers"? On that, a blue ring tangles with an aggresive manits shrimp, plays mind-games with it, and then blows it's toxin around a rock with it's siphon to kill the squilla long-distance. The squilla basically deflates (metaphorically). Then the blue ring eats the squilla. Incredible. These were about the same size. Haven't we all seen this special by now? It's from 90's.
Hi yes, I think that was Dr Roy who set up that particular one Erich
Interesting as it is, putting the two together to fight just seems a rather cruel and unnecessary thing to do. It's just a pointless death of a beautiful creature just for the video camera. Are animals expendable for a quick 45 second internet entertainment?
Thanks, Phil. Thats the point that I was trying to get at. There are many ways that are less cruel to determine whether or not a mantis shrimp is immune to the octo's toxin. And clearly if they had done their research, they'd have discovered that some one has already proved that its not.

Right. It may be "cool" to watch a mantis and a blue ring go at it, but is it ethical?

Also, "Incredible Suckers" is the movie that turned me on to cephs!

For what it is worth, I've posted as a new thread my response to comments on the quality and ethics of the science behind the O. scyllarus predation sequence, I have also asked RC to stop hosting the clip. I guess I assume that people will assume best in others. It was not my intention to offend anyone by posting on RC images of a stomatopod feeding on an octopus.

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