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making a tank

Making your own tank is the ultimate in perfection...but it is really, really expensive...from your other posts, I gather you are on a bit of a budget, and going from scratch is going to be super expensive...a great learning experience, and I certainly think it is a good idea..but be ready with the cash !!
There are some good books out there on building tanks, and several of the posters here build their own tanks...including my humble (yeah right) self...
If you decide you want to sink some money into the project, let us know...always willing to try to help out an enthusiast!!
It gets more economical with the size of the tank, does it not? That is, its probably not worth it to build your own 55 gallon tank, however it might be cheaper to build a 300 gallon than to buy one?

Hehehe...do some measurements, and call your local glass dealer...just make sure you are sitting down...
It usually costs about 15-20% more to build your own tank...but, you get exactly what you were looking for...which is worth it, in my opinion...
Iv looked at some pet stores and only found them go up to 75 gallons that is ok but I realy would like to build a 125 gallon that whould be a awsome. On the web the tanks get veary expencive so I thought why not build one then it came to me that if I do It wrong it could break and destroy everything
If you live in or near an urban area, check the website of your local Marine Aquarium Society or even the newspaper classified ad section - a lot of people sell quite good quality saltwater tanks for much less when they are moving or upgrading their tanks. Often you can find live rock, too.

Have you looked into acrylic? From my online window shopping, it seems that you could put one together for slightly less than store prices. 1/4 to 1/2 inch (depending on what size tank you're planning on) thickness isn't too bad pricewise, but if you want a really big tank that would need anything thicker, it gets expensive fast. The great thing about acrylic is that you can heat mold it into some really creative shapes.
Silverarm is correct..it can be made into some great shapes...but that takes a lot of practice, and a lot of room...
I certainly hope I am not coming off as "quashing" anyone's hopes about tank building...but having built many, I can guarantee you that it is not cheaper...just better.


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