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Mag Drive pumps


Dec 22, 2004
Just moments after I sing the praises of the Mag Drive to Brock, I go downstairs to give mine a cleaning. Take the stainless screws out and, sure enough, they've started rusting in the last month.

Great-- iron oxide is about the last thing I need in my tank. Well, second to last at least.

The buzz on ReefCentral is that you can get nylon screws that fit at Ace or Home Depot. I think the tank can survive without circulation until tomorrow night :hmm:

Its my ceph tank...75 with a 29 gallon sump.

All in all I'm not too worried about the rust--Some reefers out there actually dose iron for macroalgae. Its just very irritating to have to shut down my system because Danner didn't want to use nylon to begin with (which probably would be cheaper for them than 300 stainless!)

The tank's OK, everyone's alive. My living room is strangely quiet without the pump going, though :smile: Gonna run to the hardware store after work today to see about some replacement screws.

when you replace the steel screws with nylon, just be sure to not overtighten them, like i did the first time. Luckily, there's an Ace right down the street...
I couldn't find anything with the right threads at Home Despot this evening so I ended up buying a few bags of nylon bolts that are about the right diameter but about 3 times the TPI of the Mag Drive screws. But, slow and steady the existing holes cut new threads in the nylon better than I ever could have dreamed.

Now the tank is running again and I don't have to worry about any more rust. Soaked the pump housing in Coca Cola :smile:


edit - I ended up using "thumb screw knurled head #8 - 32 x 1/2" in case anyone is ever in a similar pickle. That is, in case I need to do it again and forget which ones I used, I can always search Tonmo :smile:

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