Looks like Squishy is on the way out


Jan 20, 2003

Squishy fed like a fiend for a couple of weeks solid- 2 shrimp a day and wanted more, now has been holed up behind a rock for 3 days+ and won't come out.
If I move the shell that makes up the "door" there are a couple of tentacles pulling it back real fast.

I don't see any eggs, but I don't know what else it could be.
Still seems healthy and will readily fight to keep the shells in place that make up the "walls" around the hole.
Any ideas?


That really does sound like the behaviour expected of a mum with eggs... an octo that is dying and going through senescence normally is very easily seen and cings to the front glass or flops about on the sand almost looking absent minded!

You may be able to see the eggs after a few more days if she is still laying

Got LOTS Of babies - mommo don't look so hot :frown:

got a bunch of wee ones squirting around the tank now and momma is looking rough :frown:

A little late but I guess I'm on a mission to learn what I can about tring to get some of the babies to survive. From what I've read, it's really tough but if ERI can captive produce them, it's not impossible!

Any/all ideas are welcome!!
she's a bimac.

Anyone know the gestation period?
I've had her since April, so I'm guessing she got bred just before she was caught and it didn't take too long from her capture to my tank.

BTW, my setup for her is very simple, I've had to do very little maintenance other than feed her, but apparently it's worked out ok.

She's been a wonderful animal and I really hate to see her going. :tentacle:

I have a 20gallon, well established reef tank as well as a 75 gallon reef (show) tank.
I was thinking about taking a handful of the baby cephs and putting them in the 20 and letting them fend for themselves on the myriad of critters in there.
Closest thing I can think of to the wild.
And it being a 20, I can break it down faily easily to get the octos out if they do well and get some size.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Sounds like a good idea to me as long as there's nothing that might eat them. There's someone here on this website that has raised baby bimacs from hatchlings. In fact I was supposed to get one of his babies, but couldn't wait!! :smile: Can't remember who he is but I'm sure someone knows! Believe he belongs to Reef Central. Check back posts!

How near are you to the ocean? If you’re near by and Bimacs can survive in that region of water (which ocean are they native to?!?), maybe you would consider setting the majority into the ocean where they'd at least be guaranteed the right environment to survive, and more over a few could mature, mate, and continue Squishy's genetic heritage.

Congrats btw.
they're a pacific species, also kown as the "California Mud Flat Octopus" so I don't think dumping them in the Atlantic is a good idea. Even if they did survive, introducing species into non-native habitats is ecologically devastating.
Gonna try to get ahold of Chris Shaw and see how he raised his.
More and more babies in the tank!
Chris has been pretty quiet lately, he has a lot going on by the looks of things but you should be able to get him via a PM or email...

He has sucessfuly raised bimaculoides and mercatoris :smile:
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