Looking to buy Giant Octopus Plush

Feb 3, 2003
There is this huge giant octopus plush toy they used to sell at the local aquarium. I tried to get one this last weekend, but they were sold out.
There are conflicting reports on their avalability from the staff at the site, and they are not able to order me one. I know they have them at the Seattle Aquarium, but I don't know anyone in Seattle.
Someone wanna help a fellow Tonmo'er out?
i'm sure i saw large octo plushies at the Moody Gardens gift shop at some point... i know for certain they have giant squids. since you've just been there, i'm sure you checked, though?
Toy octos

The Melbourne (Australia) Aquarium has some a while back that were blue, but I suppose thats a little far to come to buy one...

not entirely sure if i can post direct links here but if you put "giant octopus plush" in a Google search you'll find quite a few places selling the cute lil' creature :wink:

--will get one once i have a proper job
Why not phone the Seattle Aquarium? - I was able to order from the Monterey Bay Aquarium (my plush giant squid) even though they had no catalog, either paper or online.


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