Looking for fossils


Oct 23, 2005
Hey everybody,

I'm looking for fossil records of large molluscs for an independent research project. If anyone knows where to find fossil evidence of any of the following organisms, please let me know.

1. Tusoteuthis Longa
2. Tridacna Gigas
3. Rayonnoceras
4. Cameroceras
5. Actinoseopia Candensis

Also, if anyone knows any others, please let me know. THanks.

Josh Weinstein

For Tusoteuthis, I recently compiled an article on the animal for this very site. This contained pretty much every single scrap of information I could find, which, to be honest, was not a great deal. You can see it if you click below:

Tusoteuthis and Cretaceous Giant Squid

I hope it's of some use to you.



(PS The mosasaur is a far too pot-bellied in the bottom pic. Please forgive; I'm very out of practice at drawing these days, and it was my first, and only, attempt at one :hmm: ).
Giant Rayonnoceras have been found in Arkansas (see here). Perhaps you could contact Dr. Manger about info.?

As for Cameroceras, I've been searching for information myself for any and all references to any fossil that would suggest a 30' or even a 20' length to no avail :sad: almost all textbooks on invertebrate paleontology mention the 30' length but none ever give a source :mad:

If your Uni library has access, try and dig out the following paper:

Dzik, J. 1984a. Phylogeny of the Nautiloidea. Palaeontologia Polonica 45, 1-255

This appears to be a very important reference work on nautiloids and I believe contains information on giant endocerids. I have not seen a copy so cannot state exactly what is in it though. There seems to be a copy for sale here, let us know how you get on:


In addition you may like to try and find the nautiloid volume of the Treatise of Invertebrate Paleontology:

Part K. Mollusca 3 (Cephalopoda General Features, Endoceratoidea, Actinoceratoidea, Nautiloidea, Bactritoidea), xxviii + 519 p., 361 fig., 1964.


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