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Longer taller

If it is for an octo than a longer tank would probably be preferred. However, if u did decide to go with a taller tank than lighting shouldnt be much of a problem seeing a octos dont neccesarily need lights (and if they do they certainly dont need to be bright lights).
Well it won't really make a difference whether the tank is tall or long, as long as the octo has enough space. Fyi, longer tanks tend to look larger
one benefit toa longer tank is that they tend to have a better surface area for gas exchange... deeper tanks need extra aeration.

My current FW tank is 36"x30x30 and i really like that shape the depth and width allow a good scope for aquascaping
Hi Jesse, personally I would luv to hv a tank with 8ft in length and at least 2ft wide. Height wise I would keep it to 2ft, max 2.5ft. So long my arm can reach the bottom of the tank, cleaning and moving rocks and corals around won't be too much of a chore.

I guess the limitation of length is up to your space. Of coz the filtration must be sized right, which with enuf $$ can always be done right :P

Cheers, LS

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