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LiveAquaria.com selling mimics

So when liveaquaria talks about all they're doing to minimize the environmental impact of the aquarium hobby...they're full of crap?

Perhaps everyone should email them, especially the experienced ceph-keepers here, expressing their disappointment/disgust/outrage at LiveAquaria's decision to make this species commercially available. If enough of us speak up, maybe they'll change their minds.
I wrote them a polite, yet disappointed note in their "add a comment about this animal" form. I included a link to Dr. Caldwell's article.

did hear back from them:
Dear Greg,

Thank you for your email.

We value your opinion and appreciate your concerns. We are forwarding your input to our aquatic director for his review.

We are very concerned about protecting the life in our oceans and truly appreciate your efforts in bringing this concern to our attention.


Technical Support
Drs. Foster & Smith

We hope that you find this information beneficial. We employ some of the best people in the industry and want to be your source for all of your aquatic needs.
Drs. Foster & Smith

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At 05:22 PM 7/26/2005 -0500, you wrote:

From: greg ewald
Zip Code: 85233
Email: ewaldbros@hotmail.com

I am horrified to see that you are selling mimic octopus...after all of the diatribe on your site about helping the animals, and helping to maintain a stable environment, you have the gall to sell one of the rarest and least understood cephs around.
This ranks as a very large black mark against you in my book...and I am sure many others feel the same way.

greg ewald

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I also got the following email from them today:

>Dear Dan,
>We have received a limited quantity of the following species you were >interested in ordering.
>Visit the link below to place your order online.
>SW - Octopus - Tank-Bred

I think we can put to rest any question of where they came from.
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