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live crabs and pipis


Apr 18, 2004
how many soldier crabs should i collect at a time and how do i keep them alive?

would a large styrofoam container with sand, water and a small air pump be ok?

how long can you keep them alive?

same questions for pipis
yeah that sounds fine... another option is to freeze the crabs and defrost them when you need some.

i would collect maybe 50 crabs every visit and freez maybe 30 of them and the others lived in a small tank with a pump and fed fish flakes.

no idea what pipi is??? :smile:
sounds good for the crabs

follow the link from kevin for the pipis...they are just a shellfish you dig up out of the sand i guess only in australia!!! lol

they are really easy to get a lot of in a very short time! they also get quite large in some areas up to 15cm across the shell

but most are 3-4cm
Oh so thats what those clams are called.

Not too many down here ( at least I don't think so ), but indonesia seems to have alot. They taste good when fried, but beware of hepatitis :wink:
Hi there,

The Pipi is actually Paphies australis. It's endemic to NZ. It gets confused with the Tuatua (Paphies subtriangulata). However they have quite different habitats. Pipi's are a sheltered harbour species and Tuatua's are open sandy beach species. They look quite different too, pipi's are equilateral and Tuatua's are subtriangulate.

Well, that's my pedantic contribution

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