Live Chesapeake Fiddlers

Fiddler keeping

TarBay's fiddlers favorite food is benthic phyto-plankton or cyanobacteria. These organisms, among others are present in sedimentary and marsh tidal muds found in the region. Rotating or changing the mud in an indoor fiddler set-up is key to providing the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy fiddler population. In theory, you could over winter a population in childrens wading pools, with a hydroponic-timed salt wash that mimiced a tidal surge. In a circular wading pool, with mud and grass, perhaps 300+/- crabs could exist per pool.

TarBay will make available 5 gallon buckets of this mud for $3.50 plus bucket cost and shipping to anyone interested in this concept. These prices are introductory and subject to review.

Please visit TarBay Agricultural/Wildlife Research Center online at:

Specializing in Sika, Whitetail and Waterfowl Management, our property is abundant with many species from the water to the sky. We look forward to serving you.

I've moved these posts to Marketplace, since this veered a bit off the discussion in Octopus Care and is clearly a solicitation. Nothing wrong with that, it's just that this is the proper forum for ceph-related solicitations and offers.

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I got 200 crabs from these guys. I put them in my outdoor pond. There is plenty of places where they can get out of the water. They are doing great. Octos love the crabs. They are a good size. I will order again from these guys.
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