List of Our Octopuses Update


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
I haven't entered the last few octopuses into the List of Our Octopuses because I've reached the maximum length for a post and will have to spit the List into two parts, I guess.

So give me a few days more to think about how best to do this!

Any way to accomodate the list by splitting it by year or 6 month of acquisition? That would more or less show which ones were the most current at the top of the list
It's always been structured with the most current on the top.
I'll break it apart at some point, have to rewrite the introduction too. I'm thinking about breaking it at Jan 1, 2007.
I'm going to keep both parts as stickies, so we can easily refer to this information.

I really like the idea of having as much of the info as possible organized in one place, and then splitting as necessary to meet the blog requirements. It's currently pretty user friendly, and allows us to scroll through and see trends.
I think you should put deceased on the recent octos that have died. I saw that you have both a received date and death date, but having deceased on the side is a quicker way to know if they are dead or not. I noticed that you quit putting deceased on some of the more recent deaths.
I guess I could do that again, but it seemed to emphasize the deceased octopuses.

Until about a year ago, I moved all deceased octopuses to the In Memorium section of the post.

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