line of delurkation


Jan 28, 2005
Coming out of the woodwork. My name's not hard to figure out, so I'll leave the guess work up to you. Just wanted to say hi, that I really enjoy your forum... exceptionally well moderated and on-topic, with almost no bickering or flames, etc.

I'm mostly a freshwater / amphibian guy... a good 300 gallons of water in 7 different tanks (mostly african cichlids), as well as 5 vivariums housing various kinds of poison dart frogs. Throw in a cat, a panther chameleon, and a wife, and we've got a full house.

I've got a 40 breeder, and I've been looking for that "pet" fish... as much "personality" and interest as possible... and someone put a bug in my ear about a octopus... and here I am. The more I read, I suspect a bimac may be just what I've been looking for.

Anyway, so as not to bore you, I'll leave it at that for now. I'll look forward to conversing as I continue to study, modify tanks, and hopefully eventually take the plunge.


JoshKaptur said:
I'll look forward to conversing as I continue to study, modify tanks, and hopefully eventually take the plunge.


Take the PLUNGE?? I am not extremely offended, but caring for a cephalopod is not a plunge. It shows you have the money, time, and interest in cephalopods to keep one.

Oh, and you will not bore us with conversation. Trust me. Strange conversations are the backbone of this website. Add as much input as you want.

:welcome: Hey Josh !
Glad you found us ! The biggest danger is that once you have an octo, everything else seems kind of pale in comparison... a forty breeder would be a great bimac tank, I like that big footprint ! You are going to need a really good filter and skimmer on that, octos put out a lot of detritus, and are messy eaters....oh, and make sure the tank has never had any copper in it at all...bimacs are notoriously finicky about that. Keep us posted, and feel free to jump in to the madness here!
:welcome: Enjoy!!! This is a fantastic site! Some threads are a little odd, but still a fantastic source of info for anyone comtemplating adding an octo to their home!!!

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