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Lighting for tank?


O. vulgaris
Jun 12, 2004
I am thinking that my new octopus OCTAVIA is possibly nocturnal. I am wondering if alternate types of lighting could entice a nocturnal octo to come out. For instance, blue LED lighting I have heard be recommended for freshwater night owls (such as plecos), but I have heard nancy say to use a red tinted flashlight when shining a flashlight at an octopus. Any thoughts are welcome, experiences even more so!

Red leds will let her come out without knowing you can see her. She can't perceive the red light. Moonlights in other colors that might simulate real moonlight - I don't know.

try red lights since red in water seems to fade quickly and some aninmals can't really see it, therefore some red animals under the water look brownish or black. Moon light sounds good. :biggrin2:
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