Life Aquatic


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Feb 15, 2003
Have any members in NY or LA seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou starring bill murray? any Cephs? ergg..... it really irritates me when they do these delayed release things.... :x :x :x
I just saw The Life Aquatic with my wife Rebecca, and let me just say Bill Murray should prepare for another Best Actor nomination. Some of our local critics have been lukewarm about this latest Wes Anderson film, but we thought this film just had everything. Cephs make a brief appearance near the climax of the film, but be warned: all the aquatic creatures in the movie are stop-motion animation by Henry Sellick, who directed "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James and the Giant Peach". No spoiler info here, but yes, I highly recommend it and am sorry about the delayed-release thing that always goes on this time of year in the run-up to Oscar nominations, The Golden Globes, and all the other awards ceremonies. Also, in the ads they showed what looked like some sort of fantasy Vampyromorph. Sadly, this appears to have ended up on the cutting-room floor.

One brief retraction:

There IS an appearance by a real-life orca in one brief shot shot at Marineland Antibes.
Glad to hear that you liked it - I've been seeing ads for this movie for a long time. It looked like it could be very funny, but you never know.

Actually, first and foremost, this is a Wes Anderson film, so, if you enjoyed Rushmore and his other films, it has the same kind of offbeat, dysfunctional character-dynamics.

snafflehound@work said:
If only Wes had titled it "The Life Aquatic With Steve O'Shea" instead of "Steve Zissou" :mrgreen:

Hmm.....would Steve O'Shea hunt sea creatures for vengeance? Doesn't seem like the type.

Unless he's a descendent of a certain one legged Nantucket whaling captain and this whale diet project is just an act of revenge by mutilating a few sperm whales... :wink:
I finally saw this film. I think Bill Murray is getting depressed. He seemed to have a similar washed-up old man kind of attitude in "Lost in Translation."

Great movie though. Gave me a few ideas for modifications to my boat. I definitely need a hot tub and a hot air baloon. I could also use a bond stooge and a guy who can sing David Bowie sea shanties in Portugeese as part of my crew. I think I'll pass on the speedo's though.

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