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LFS's stink!

Dec 20, 2003
Ok, all of my local dealers apparently have the same supplier of Common, Uncommon, and Bluering octo's. No specifics or spiecies info available. Where can I get a "mail-order octo" online thats reliable, pre-inks there octos, and has a live delivery guarantee? I was going to try Dr.foster smiths, but they have only "brown" or "two spot" octos. What would be the best spiecies for a first? From the looks of it, a bimac looks like thae octo of choice.
Actually, there are two places to order bimacs:
FishSupply (where I got Ollie, I'm very pleased with them)
listed in Buy Sell and Trade on our Forum Index

They both treat their baby octopuses kindly.

You'll have to contact them for the details. People have been very pleased with the delivery, and as far as I know, all Tonmo members who ordered received an octi in good condition, including myself.

Thanks Nancy! This has been one of the most helpfull forums Ive been on and definately plan on keeping a close eye on it. As soon as I get My tank setup and cycled, I'll be ordering.
FishSupply sold wild-caught octopuses before it could get the tank raised ones. There were a few tank raised octos available before I got Ollie, but by the time my tank was ready, they were back to wild caught.

I think the difference in getting a wild caught octo was that Ollie was more afraid at first, probably having been chased by all sorts of things that wanted her for dinner. She was very watchful and shrank at shadows. I'm glad she learned to relax and have a happy life.

Also, she was larger, and therefore probably older than the baby bimacs that are tank raised. (Her mantle was 1 inch, arms 2 inches)

I also got a wild caught from fishsupply the same time Nancy got Ollie. I was very pleased with their service. Although I will probably give octopets a try next time. THey don't usually pre-ink them because this causes un-needed stress, they rarely ink in the bag anyway. Goodluck, John
that's true about the ink, i have never received an 'inked in' bag.... have had a DOA but no ink
Thanks. Most of the LFS around here said it was nescesary to recieve a live octo. The stress issue was someting I had thought of, but figured they SHOULD no more than me. I know when I worked at a fish shop, very few of my customers knew much about what they were buying, but I still learned from many. Hopefully I will be getting my octo shortly. :D
An English supplier from london but i won't name them as it was a one off and not repeated....

And apart from Sepia and blue ring species I cant say that too many DOAs have been reported in the US.
yes they are awsome and spectacular in a tank.. here is a link to some i had... Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

The biggest problem is getting them in the USA.. virtually impossible so far! You could try a search through past cuttlefish posts to see what problems have been seen in the USA. The ones that do make it to lfs's tend to die with shock within days and are not worth buying.

Hopefully somone will start comercially breeding them in the US.. what an opportunity!

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