Feb 18, 2007
I got my first octopus (a bimac) less than a week ago from MBG. We call him / her Leviathan (Levi for short). It is pretty small--smaller than a quarter, so I have not been able to get a good picture yet, but will post when I do.

Levi is active in day and is very interesting to watch. He readily takes small hermit crabs and snails, but is not too interested in shore shrimp. I'm a little concerned he is not eating much, because after feeding there is still a lot of carnage left over.


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It is interesting to watch Sistrurus (7 month old Mercatoris, Caribbean pigmy) now that he will take a shrimp tail from me. He puts it under his mantle and then you can see him "sucking" out the meat. He gets taller and shorter and gives kind of a shutter. When he is finished he jettisons the shell still in one piece.
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