[Letter to the Editor]: Identification Assistance


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May 30, 2000
Jude P. took the attached photo when snorkeling off Moorea. Here's the email; my guess follows:


I got this email address from an internet search.

When I was snorkeling in the waters off Moorea, I was swimming with my (cheap) disposable camera in front of my mask, just in case I saw anything interesting.

I noticed something that appeared to be bright yellow/orange and kind of frilly on the edge of an outgrowth of coral. I swam closer to take a photo and suddenly what appeared to be an eye was right in front of my mask. I became quite startled and swam out of there, but not without taking a photo. At the time I thought it was an octopus which was well blended in the coral.

I am not sure and would like your expert opinion. I am sending the photo. You can see the "eye" in the middle of the photo and just behind it you can see the yellow/orange thing that first attracted me.

Would you be able to tell me what this is? I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you,
Jude P.

Hi Jude,

Great photo! As I said via email, I'm really no expert... But I do love marine biology! My guess: perhaps a mooray eel? (see third picture down). You were in Moorea, after all! :smile: Any other guessers out there? Jude wil be watching this space for your input...

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