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May 30, 2000
Over the next few... days? Weeks? I will be adding a new set of sub-forums.... a lot of them (about 44): one for each cephalopod family. These forums will reside in the Ceph Science category, under the title Ceph Species or Species Discussion, or something similar. The purpose of these forums will be to house discussions which are germain to individual species (or families) of cephalopod. Obviously, specific species discussions should be posted in the forum appropriate to that family.

Yes, that's a lot of forums. Our reason for doing this is to provide an environment which invites more targeted discussions on specific cephalopod species. Professional marine biologists and lay-persons alike are welcome to participate in these forums. The basic idea here is that these forums will make us all smarter -- but only if managed properly by the TONMO.com staff and also the community itself.

As ever, no question on TONMO.com is a "dumb" question or an unwelcome one (well, unless it's offensive, spammish or trolling, or anything else of such malicious ilk).

It's going to take me a while to create each forum, set proper permissions, etc., so thanks for your patience. Even when they are up, I expect it will take some time for them to "earn their keep" in terms of containing valuable data. It's an organic process. Note that the creation of these new forums does not in any way affect all the other forums we enjoy today.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Steve and Kat (Tintenfisch) (who first headed up moderation of our science category), along with all of our staff members, for their ongoing support and contributions to TONMO.com. Their expertise, passion, loyalty and committment helps set TONMO.com apart from the rest -- they all help make TONMO.com the best ceph site in the universe, as opposed to just our goofy little website about cephs. Thanks to them, it's both! :smile:

I would also like to thank Dr. James B. Wood of CephWorld and ITIS for providing me the full list of cephalopod families (so I didn't have to go dig it up for myself!). He has been an advocate of the TONMO.com concept of "ceph info for everyone" since day one -- his support, encouragement and partnership is and has been greatly appreciated!

So stay tuned for those new forums, they're on the way... And stay tuned for more / enhanced content in this area. :cool2:
> Come on Tony can't we troll just a little bit? I just got me a new trollin motor for mah bass boat and I can't wait to try it out. j/k

seriously, the new forums sound great and I'm really looking forward to them.
Ahem.... I certainly hope that one of these subforums will be dedicated to my species. Why, you ask? Because, for far too long, we have been disgracefully ignored by the nonbioluminescent powers-that-be. Indeed, to date, we have not even been given our own smiley, let alone a whole forum. Small wonder that our patience -- not unlike our nictitating membranes -- wears perilously thin.

The line in the ocean floor has been drawn: We have played second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth fiddles to other cephs for the last time. NO MORE MISTER NICE 'POD!

If you neglect to give us our due recognition in the forthcoming forum overhaul, we will crawl up to your house en masse at 2 a.m. and flash our photophores through your window continuously to the rhythm of Beethoven's Fifth until you bang your head against the wall singing "Happy Happy Joy Joy".

Our ultimatum has been issued. We await these proposed improvements with baited breath.... and while the little fishies follow the scent into our gaping beaks, we will be watching closely to see that you make good your promise.

You have been warned....

:twisted: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A!!!!! :twisted:

Yr (dis)obedient servant,

T. Danae, Esq.
Legal Consultant, G.R.I.P.E.
(Global Re-empowerment for Indignant Phosphorescent Entities)
I would moderate if given the chance or as a temporary job until someone with more experience arrives, but I would most probably mess up and delete everything on the sub-board.
I guess Tani, as the saying goes: be careful what you wish for.... I'll stop posting wrt Tremoctopus, myself..... :smile:
Well, here it is! In time the content here will fill up. It would be great to have one thread in each sub-forum to itemize individual species associated with each family, if only the most popular ones...

Yes, that's a hint. :wink2:

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