Leaving lurker behind

Jan 12, 2019
Cleveland, OH
Hello everyone!
My name's Ian, I've only been on the forum for a little while but as I'm hoping to get an octo next week I thought now might be a good time to speak up. I've been keeping fish for almost 9 months now, and I've been tinkering with my saltwater tank for about 3 months. Its a 90 gal hex tank, and I put in a refugium, about 40 gal, on the floor next to it for more water volume and equipment. Current occupants are: a tiger brittle star, sand sifting sea star, 3 peppermint shrimp (might be more now, one was carrying eggs), a rose pink urchin, a couple small corals that came with my Craigslist LR, and a mud moray eel (in the refugium. Couldn't bring myself to give him away, but figured he wouldn't mix well with a ceph)
As far as filtration, I have a Reef Octopus (fitting, right?) 150 INT skimmer, filter socks on both hoses running from the overflow box, maybe a basketball size lump of Chaeto, some 70 lbs of LR and another 15 of LR rubble.
I'll try and include pictures, but I've been reading up on octo proofing and ended up putting a Gutter Guard screen in the overflow weir and loc lines with duck bill spreaders on the return, which is attached to a bulkhead in a tight fitting acrylic lid.

Don't hesitate to say hello, and If anyone sees problems or has questions, I'll do my best to keep checking in here.

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PS Stormlantern is one of my favorite characters ever, from Shadowmarch by Tad Williams. High qual fantasy.
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2nd attempt at posting pics

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