Feb 7, 2004
Hello, just wanted to say hello and how much I appreciate this site!Talk about a wealth of knowledge.Hopefully I'll have something to contribute myself :mrgreen: Anyway I live in Okinawa Japan where luckily there are awesome reefs to explore as well as tons of tidepools to "inspect", hehe.I don't currently own any cephs but I've had 2 in the past 2 years and as you know they were the coolest aquatic pets I've ever seen.One laid eggs which were returned to the ocean after hatching and the other one,well,ended up taking an ill fated tour of my bedroom floor :goofysca: .
Talk to you soon, Vince
Hi Vince!! Welcome to TONMO.com, glad you've found us...

Curious, how far did octo #2 get going across your room? In other words, how many feet / meters did it travel?

Thanks for the warm welcome! :cheers:

Tonmo: Well from what I can surmise he made it about 20 feet because he apparently followed the wall along to the other side of the room.But it was carpeted floor and he was small so....Interestingly my first one went a much further distance and I found her covered in "fur" sitting in a corner!She was fine after getting back in the water and lived almost 6 months after that.She never got out again but the 2nd octo was in a different tank and found the 1 hole it could get out of,LOL.

um... : As soon as I can find another one that's not in the supermarket I'll have another octo,hehe.
Sorry no pics.They were on a friend's computer were wiped out.I'm not sure what species either one of them were.The female who laid eggs had an armspan of maybe a foot, stayed a pretty drab brownish tone with pretty smooth skin as a rule.She had some pretty awesome camouflage patterns though.Her legs were pretty long with very little webbing,maybr a 2-3 inch mantle.She was found at night in a tidepool sitting right on the edge above water level kind of looking down into it apparently.Her eggs were the large type and hatched after a month or two(sorry it was a while ago) in three or four large waves of babies.
The second was much smaller.He was also found at night in the same area but this time underwater looking around for food.His mantle was probably an inch or so long and his arms weren't as long in relation to his "head",they also had more webbing than the previous octo.But this guy had some crazy colors going on.He was in an approx. 8 gal tank that was primarily a nano reef setup so there was much more variety than in the first one's tank.He usually stayed a shade of yellow with different patterns changing all the time.He was so good at camo I would literally look for him for 20 minutes and then see him sitting right in front of me in a rock!There was also a fish in there and he loved to jump in front of it and turn half yellow and half black,kind of bumblebee colors, and then run away to hide in the rock,it was damn hilarious!He was such a character,I felt so bad when he got out....
But anyway I think I've written a book here so any ideas on what they might have been?Remember I live on the South China Sea if that helps any with the I.D.
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