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Know of Good Company to Order Crabs From?

Dec 4, 2002
I'd like to buy some hermit crabs and emerald crabs at a decent price, since the aquarium store charges so much. I've found a few places on the net where I can order emerald crabs for $2.50- $3.00, but I'm not sure I can trust that their crabs aren't kept in tanks with fish, and then they may have used copper-based products in that water if their fish ever had ick....Does anyone know of a good company that I can trust to buy crabs from in bulk?
Lisa (girlfish)
(cont.) - Basically, I'm just looking for a less expensive way to buy small crabs, because fiddler crabs are too big for my two 3 month-old baby bimacs right now, and I'm not so sure these hermit crabs of medium size have much meat on them. Neither of my bimacs have figured out they can eat the peppermint shrimp yet- how do I teach them to be octopuses?! Is there a ceph school in the area? :smile: ....I also supplement their diet with krill I give to them. I bought 4 emerald crabs at $8 each (!) from the aquarium store and they were gone within a day, but that's too expensive. They loved them though. They were cute crabs too, which was hard for me:-(

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