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Introducing fish to cycled tank before octopus...

OK, thanks. I have enough LR to make plenty of hiding places and undercover spots.

Would it be fair to say 120 watt will be sufficient for mushrooms to nourish if high in the tank? If so, going to buy a cheap one and see how it does...if it survives the decorator crab, sea urchin and star fish. Although the sea urchin doesn't move so don't see him as a threat...

I'm really looking forward to seeing strange new growths in my aquarium...aware it can be a pain eventually (probably), but can't wait to see it happen.
You might get away with a single 60 watt power compact if you keep the soft corals under the light (there is no rule that says the entire tank must have the same lighting). I have not looked at fixtures for awhile so I don't know if you would find a two bulb unit that spans the tank. I think aquariums and cheap are likely to be Oxymorons :octocash:
LOL, I was waiting for CG to say something about your intelligence statement. There are a number of people who feel cuttles have the upper hand in the brain category. I refrain from forming an opinion until my brood age a bit more :wink:.
If that's the case then that's very interesting...haven't seen anything to suggest that myself in what I've read but would love to learn more.

I've been set on the octopus for too long to change my mind at this point though.

I'm looking forward to writing an article for the site eventually, putting all the information I've learned into one long tutorial to help others.
I just wanted to clarify, durnig the second cycle (and until I get my brittle), how much is overfeeding? How much a day should I feed? I don't want ammonia to get to strong...

Speaking of ammonia...what is a safe level during the second cycle? Still doing water changes every week at the moment.
You should not see ammonia or nitrite again. It will be created but you will be feeding the bacteria as it grows. Quantity is a trial and error, you should not have uneaten food but should feed as much as your critters will consume.
Hmm, OK. So far shrimp I've been feeding is not all consumed, even after a day, and don't want to leave it in unless it leads to ammonia.

I guess the experimentation continues in seeing how much food is the right amount to feed.
I would suggest about half that time, ie putting it in at night and retrieving leftovers in the AM or visa versa, particularly with shrimp. Once you have your primary residence, only a few hours if you can find the waste but often shells are not so easily discovered.

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