just wanted to see what you guys thought about this

hi tony!
it's an untitled work in ink. it reminded me of a ceph in a way,..so i figured i'd bounce it off the gang here.
it's been adjusted somehow though,..it was previously incorporated into the post itself...an html trick i'd recently learned from a friend.
oh my! didn't mean to break the rules my friend! :D

was thinking i'd show some more stuff if you cared to see it,but now i'm pretty sure it's not gonna work out...i know how to do it the way i did earlier,but not how to set up the link the way you did. it's in an msn folder with some other photos and stuff and providing a link to the folder itself would be more than many would care for i'll wager. LOL
No problem!!

I for one love seeing that stuff... and if it's all ceph-related art, perhaps we can move this thread to the Culture & Entertainment forum... I'll wait to see how it turns out!

Creating links is quite easy. You can, in fact, click "edit" on your post (in the upper right corner of your post) to view what I did to it.

To explain, basically, if you have a site:

TONMO Cephalopod Community

To link to it, just type it out as I've done above. To edit the text so that it says something, but links to a URL, do the following:

(url=http://www.tonmo.com)Click here for a great site(/url)

Now just replace the ( and ) with [ and ], and you're all set. It would appear as such:

Click here for a great site
thanks for the heads up you guys. won't be necessary though...the other works really aren't ceph related enough to garner being posted here. maybe i'll do some works in the future that would be more appropriate and post them.
meanwhile,..happy holidays! :)

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