Just got a call cuttle came into vegas....... help

Colin said:
that's par for the course I think...

Its unfortunate but that's the reason why they are so rare to find in shops in the USA... it's a difficult thing to do but please think twice before spending your cash on another one. For that one, there may have been many more that had already died to get this far, that's a wastes of cuttle's lives too...

Octopets was planning on breeding officinalis soon, but i have heard no word on that yet... you all better get saving for your 200gal plus tanks LOL

Oh no worries, first time is the last time in this case. I wouldn't raise officinalis because size and temp. Anyway I think this is the end of chep keeping for me at least for the time being.
dont give up altogether!!!! :)

Maybe someone will start breeding small species of cuttles in the USA... someone should, they'd make a packet off it!
I was just wondering why no one thought about shipping eggs :?: I guess its less likely when they die. Are cuttlefish babies planktonic and what size are they if not?
Cuttlefish eggs

I have hinted that it would be good to find a supply of suitable eggs - the only ones available on the coast of England are Sepia officinalis, and as Colin says - they grow too big for most home aquaria. I remember hatchlings are a bit less than 10mm?
The problem would probably be that the smaller species would have smaller eggs, and it is difficult enough to find food for Sepia officinalis hatchlings.
Probably not enough money in eggs to set the trade up, the best way would be for members of this site to exchange them? (HEAVY hint!)
Bob-tail squid are raised in the States, I have been successful with Sepia, (the eggs are robust, whereas octopus eggs may be dependent on attention from the mother)
Is 10mm total length or ML, What did you feed the hatchlings. I'm just curious in case any cuttlefish lays eggs, either that or I could check if the LFS can get some. I'm assuming that they mate and lay eggs seasonaly, any one have an idea when?
From memory Sepia officinalis hatchlings are somewhere between 5 -10mm long. I fed them on small shrimp ( they would tackle them up to their own length immediately, but if the shrimp bucked too hard they would get discouraged).
Sepia officinalis eggs get washed ashore June - August on south coast of England and are fairly easy to find after rough weather. Tropical species could be available at any time and would be more suitable for home aquaria?

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