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just got 3 0f 3 in , hes nice looking


Aug 21, 2004
the briarus just came in

i would really like to put him in the 240 as i would see him more

he is a good 1.5 inches head length,

but , two bimacs cant go in a 55 , so he will just have to stay there and I will have to wait for the two little ones to grow bigger in the 240, and hope a bristle worm or something doesnt kill one
well im worried about the brairus

hes still in the same spot on the back of my glass, and hasnt ate an ythign , unless he did last night while i was asleep ,

i mean he is in the exact same spot as yestereday

and my other two are in the 240 , but i wont even be able to find them for another month as they are so small it would take me hours to hunt them up

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