Jebidiah is dying


O. vulgaris
Dec 22, 2004
I am sad to say that Jebidiah is not himself today, and he appears to be dying. Two cleaner shrimp that have been avoiding him since his addition to the tank appear to be feasting on his arms. He is very pale and barely moving. He never laid eggs, but was visable (and sometimes spunky and comical) nearly every day for the last month (if you knew where and when to look - with a flashlight.) I enjoyed him immensely, and, even though I am terribly sad to see him go, I feel blessed to have shared some time with this amazing creature. Goodbye, Jebidiah. Goodbye.
:sad: I'm sorry to hear! He was a dwarf right? There's no way of knowing how old he was but Rummler was a dwarf and I think I had her for 2 months.

Hope you will get another!

Jebidiah has been moved from the main tank to the sump to die in peace. I am contimplating euthanizing him, but my girlfriend and I could not stand to watch the hermit crabs meant to be his feed tear him to pieces. Does anyone here euthanize their octos when they know death is imminant? If so, how? Thanks.
Sorry to hear about Jebidiah,

We occasionally euthanize our octis. The best way is to place them in a bucket/bag of water in the freezer. They just slow down and stop. I think it's somewhat similar to nature when winter seems to kill off the older animals.


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